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Timbergreen Farm DVDs and Books

Sustainable Forest Management From The Forest Owner's Point of View

Natural, Common Sense, Practical, Simple, Efficient, and Profitable Forestry

“At Timbergreen Farm, we have taken the best ideas from the best forest managers around the world, and used them for our own benefit, not the benefit of big industry,” states forest owner Jim Birkemeier.  “The bottom line is that as timber growers, we do things just the opposite of what is traditional industrial forest management in the U.S.”

Using common sense language and simple ideas from everyday life, Birkemeier explains Full Vigor Forestry – Sustainable Forest Management from the Forest Owner’s Point of View.  He focuses on growing timber, improving annual growth, proper spacing of trees, and harvesting up to one tree per acre each year - always starting with the worst tree first.  Just the natural output of the forest is utilized, with never any pressure from industrial demand.

The results are clear – the timber on their family farm is growing at four times the rate of the average forest in the region, and the quality growth is even more dramatic.  “We let the good trees grow as long as they are healthy and vigorous – there is no size or age that a tree is mature,” teaches Birkemeier.  “This produces a beautiful forest that naturally regenerates and provides everything a forest owner could wish for.”