About Us – Timber Green Woods Wholesale
What is Green?

Here at Timber Green Woods, being green is something we take very seriously. What does Green mean to us? It means that in every step of every process, from the forest to finished product, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and ecological impact in every way.

The wood we use is grown using a process called Full Vigor Forestry which uses dead and dying trees, and helps the forest to achieve its maximum growth potential. We carefully remove the tree from the forest and mill the wood ourselves. We use the power of the sun to dry all of our wood, and make all of our wood products from start to finish less than 10 miles from where the trees were harvested.

Sustainable Harvest
Sustainable Harvest

All Timber Green Woods products are made from Sustainable Harvest wood from our family farm, with the small exception that we are now also salvaging a few local village trees every year that are taken down due to disease or road improvements. This means that we are using what the forest gives us, and not taking away from the natural prosperity of the land. Because our forest is well managed, it not only grows with more vigor, but produces a higher quality of wood. We have been Smart Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) whose mission is to improve the management of the world's forests.


Here at Timber Green Woods we understand how important it is to buy local. By supporting our local businesses, we are able to strengthen our local economy, our regional economy, and our national economy. We understand that by spending more money close to home, that more money stays in our local community and helps keep and create jobs.

Buying local also means that the things we buy are not being shipped around the world using fossil fuels, and thereby helping to decrease the size of our carbon footprint. We use a local printer for printing, the local hardware store for tools and goods big and small, we buy paper goods from local specialty stores, and of course support our local grocery store.

We are members of Dane Buy Local, a community based organization designed to help build and encourage the success of local businesses. Visit their website to learn more about the benefits of buying local.

Natural Wood Products

The trees that we harvest have followed a natural life cycle, and are harvested only when they have matured. With careful selection, as soon one tree is cut, another is right there to take its place in the forest canopy. Unlike a forest with large scale timber harvests, our forest is more natural, and so are the products that come from it.

Our wood is never shipped overseas for milling or processing, and every step from tree to finished product happens right here in our own backyard. In this way, we save time, money, and vast amounts of energy. When you buy Timber Green Woods products, you aren't paying for all the fossil fuel and foreign labor, you're simply buying wood.

Timber Green Woods products come from trees that have been grown by nature, and dried using the power of the sun.

Hand Crafted

There is no big factory, and no foreign labor force producing Timber Green Woods products. We have a small farm, a little shop, and all the work is done by us right here in Spring Green, WI.

Because we don't use large automation machines, we are able to keep waste to a minimum, and quality to a maximum. Our products are glued, sanded, and finished by hand.

Superior Craftsmanship

Unlike many goods purchased from overseas, Timber Green Woods products are designed and built to last. We take pride in our work and quality craftsmanship because we know that in the end, that is what our clients and customers truly value.

Timber Green Woods strives to reach a higher level of quality and customer satisfaction, long after our products leave our shop.

Natural Finish

All Timber Green woods products (unless otherwise noted) are finished with a non-toxic food safe oil. The finish enhances and protects the woods natural beauty, and helps ensure our products can be enjoyed for many years to come.

New Organic Partner for 2018! 

We are excited to announce that we are moving to organically-grown and sweat-shop free hemp cord to tie on our ornaments. The remaining polyester satin ribbon that we have in stock will be phased out over the next few months. We feel that this more closely aligns with our mission of sustainability and frankly, the hemp cord looks and feels so much better with our wooden ornaments!